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Welcome to Hebrides Alpha Trading Company

'All things are possible'


‘I am writing this short note to say that I am very pleased that I got involved with Hebrides Alpha – it gave me a new perspective on how I want to live my life and I am very pleased to be in full-time work and also studying for a distance learning course in mechanical engineering’

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Everything that comes onto the island comes in a cardboard box on a pallet. We have been recycling cardboard for businesses since 2010. Over the last few months we have been developing the idea of doing something unique with pallets and we have made a small workshop area at the back of our yard.


Pallets are collected, dried out and carefully broken up. Each slat is then trimmed, planed down and cut to the same length, so that each piece is exactly the same length, width and depth. The first 2 slats are covered in Harris Tweed (we have various designs) and the last piece is kept as smooth bare wood, showing off the unique design.


As can be seen, the piece is then decorated with the Isle of Lewis & Harris and a clock and the finished article measures 35cm x 21cm.


We have a selection of clocks to choose from - £45 (plus postage where required).

Please contact us on 01851 705054 or E: info@hebridesalpha.co.uk for more details.

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